About us

Our school possesses a special character which makes it different in our community, as it emerges from the necessity to educate persons that can function from within our background. But while we enforce ourselves to strengthen this aspect as a solid base of our educational values, we realize there is also a necessity for professionals with good educational and professional reparation through academics and experience. We direct our efforts primarily to the Latin-American community in Curacao, but are also open to students in the region who would like to be part f our educational project as well as our other students from diverse backgrounds in Curacao. It is for this reason that we have joined forces with many professionals and educational institutes in preparing various courses at the level of Associate and Bachelors Degree.

Many of our professionals have been elemental in designing curricula for various institutes in Curacao. One aim in which we seek to differentiate totally from other educational institutions is that even though we focus on Latin-American students, we seek to form these professionals as multilingual professionals. The accent of English primarily but secondarily French and Dutch is extremely high.


The Pedro Luis Brion University as Educational Institution

The mission of our institute is that of turning into instruments of qualification and labor insertion being adaptable to the changes that the labor market within our environment experience in the current global society of knowledge, in order to assure that every individual could reach excellence in the integral development of his professional competences, satisfying his expectations, aspirations, needs and individual interests.